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The Owners

Becca Balon and Mayda Brown

Mayda Brown and Becca Balon are the dedicated and passionate owners of Apex Spin and Fitness, a thriving fitness center that has become a hub for health and wellness in their community. With a shared vision of promoting active lifestyles and helping individuals achieve their fitness goals, Mayda and Becca have established themselves as respected figures in the fitness industry.

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Story Of

Becca Balon and Mayda Brown

Becca Balon and Mayda Brown have been spinning together and working out together for years now.  They joked around a few years ago about opening a studio and to their surprise, things got serious at the beginning of 2022. It has been a lifelong dream of both of theirs to be able to open up a studio that offers straightforward, no-nonsense, just downright BADASS classes and instruction.

They love nothing more than to see other people succeed, obtain their fitness goals, and lead a healthy lifestyle.  If they could even be a small part of someone else's success story-- that's all they want! When thinking about names for the studio, they went back and forth trying to land on the perfect name. It was difficult to find something that really meant something to them-- something that made an impact.  When they landed on Apex, they knew they had found the perfect name.

By definition, Apex means "the top or the highest point of something."  Becca and Mayda want individuals to feel that when they come to Apex Spin and Fitness--It is the highest point of their day

You have the opportunity to reach the Apex of your fitness goals with us

They cannot wait to continue this amazing journey with you and have you as a part of their Apex family.  SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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