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Which class do YOU want to try?

Class Descriptions

Whether you are just starting on your fitness journey or you are a seasoned veteran in the gym game, it is still important to know what you are getting yourself into! Here at Apex, we want our studio family to be educated about our class types so that they can choose the best option that will help them crush their goals. We are in this together!

Weight Training & Cardio Intensive Aerobic Classes

                                        Full Body Stong
This class utilizes kettlebells and dumbbells.  It focuses on isolating specific muscle groups with precise form.  It is great for people who enjoy strength training, lifting heavy and looking to buil
d muscle. 


Mind-Body Connection

A form of exercise that focuses on slow, meaningful movements to build full body strength and enhance your mind-muscle connection.  This class format will help improve posture, flexibility, breathing, stability, and endurance.  Available for all skill levels; modifications are possible for every move.


Indoor Cycling and Rhythmic Classes

                                             Rhythmic Spin
This class features a variety of choreographed moves to the beat of different songs.  It is a fun, upbeat exercise that will BURN some calories! Our classes are full of beat drops, varied cadences, and different RPMs to create a full-body workout on the bike.  We utilize special lights and quality sound to enhance your e

Gym Equipment
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